Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

What is a Domain Name? well it is the internet address/url you type in to get a website. Can anyone buy a web ip address? yes, there are no restriction on who can get a web address just as long it does not infringe on trade marks.

Picking the right domain name can be crucial when it comes to search engine results. Most people pick there company name on the keywords they are going to use in there web address. Is this good? well not unless you want a company web url that does not make sense. Try and stick to one keyword but it does not need to be keyword related. Long or complicated domain names can be a turn off. Whats yours web address? What? could you spell it?

Investment, domain names are like real estate. Get the right name and you could be sitting on a gold mine. The .com names are the most highly sort after. Some names can sell for hundreds of thousands, even millions. You do the maths $6 for registration.

Expired Domains are websites that the owner has decided he/she does not want to renew it. They expire into auction after 30 days then further 30 days if nobody has brought it, it then will be up for normal purchase. Are they a good idea? these can be a good way of getting a establish web ip address in use on the internet. The previous owner has probably done some promotion for that name. The domain name will probably be already listed in the search engines.

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