Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Website hosting company like is an internet based company offering space to store your data so it is accessible through the internet. Windows or linux, well my prefernce is linux as its cheaper for the hosting company to maintain as its free so no suprise price hikes.

Should i choose a free web hosting service? no, because they will put ads on your website. What about the ones that don’t, well you are limited to what you can do or install. No free service can survive without some form of income, so ads could be there furture option once they have enought signups. Paid web hosting can cost you as little as $30 a year.

What should i look for in a web hosting business? Bandwidth atleast 1gig, Storage depending on your needs 100mb, ftp access, pop3 and web email, mysql/sql database for it you decide to run a membership or forum type website. Check out the web hosting forum to see what other uses are saying. No complaints on the forum could mean there good or they do not have alot of customers, which could result in them deciding its not worth it going on. Forum with complaints can be good or bad. All companies will have complaints so don’t worry about it. What to look for is how they handled that complant.

Shared website hosting sounds scary should i look at dedicated hosting? no, shared website hosting does not mean that everyones files will be in one folder where anyone can gain access. Shared hosting means that your website will share the same server resources like cpu, ram and physical hardware, but not the same folder. Dedicated web hosting is mainly for large website with huge traffic which consume alot of hardware resources, bandwidth and storage. Viturtal web hosting is a good cheaper alternative to dedicated web hosting.

Do i recommend any companies, click here for my recommendations 😉

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