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Good Search Engine Optimization

Seeing a lack of search engine optimization with many business websites from small to big. An example is when you see the page title say “Untitled” or just there company name in the title bar of their web page. More examples of bad website optimization is the website link button. It might say something simple as click here. How many people actually search for untitled webpage and click here, i would say not many unless there is a new niche market i am missing.

Spelling mistakes can make you or break you. Million of searches are done and the words typed in are misspelled. Do i mispell words to get a result? well do a keyword research to see whether it is a good idea. Also consider what image you want your company to project. A big company with a lot of misspelled words or bad grammar does not fill me with confidence to buy.

Good search engine optimization is to take advantage of the page title and link button by putting a keyword in the link or title related to the web page it is linked to.

What about Pay per click advertising, it can be expensive with bad seo and landing pages. First impressions count, so don’t just send the potential sale to your first home page or some page unrelated. make sure they go to the product you want to sell

Are there any good seo companies, well there are good and bad you will have to ask around on search engine optimisation forums. Ask the seo company to give you examples of there work and contact these websites. Do a keyword search for these websites also to see where they rank. Also consider whether the keywords used are good for that company or what you would choose to get that company in the search engine results.

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